How the Quinly Kit Helps for Everyday Printing

July 5, 2021

Today, we’re announcing the winners of our week long print along challenge where we asked you guys to try and print as many benchy cubbies within a week as you can!

Today, we’re announcing the winners of our week long print along challenge where we asked you guys to try and print as many cubbies for benches within a week as you can. With three stock printers, printing out 341 pieces for our shelf would have taken a lot of our own time, but thanks to the Quinly upgrade it has been almost completely hands off! We spend a lot of time here at 3DQue talking about the industrial and commercial benefits of automating your printers, but this shelf shows off a lot of the benefit it can have to average 3d printing enthusiasts, because it allows you to print much larger assemblies than you could typically tackle. These benefits extend to all aspects of traditional printing, and help get rid of the more tedious parts of the process, to leave you with an easy, repeatable way to manufacture part after part!

Thanks to Quinly, there's always lots of parts waiting for us we we check on the print room.

Quinly saves you such large amounts of time on big assemblies because you are able to print each part individually, taking up the whole print bed area, even easier than it would be to batch smaller parts. This essentially ups your productivity to that of a larger printer. Now you can get batch-like efficiency for parts that take up the whole print area. This makes ambitious projects more attainable, while saving interior space.

One of my favourite parts about having Quinly on my printer at home is just how worry free starting a print is. Before upgrading, every print was a commitment to devoting my day to worrying if the part was going to interfere with my day’s schedule. Now, I don’t have to worry because I know that the printer will print everything I need without human interference. So I don’t worry about timing my prints to start at the perfect time, if I need something, I just send it to the printer, and it gets made.

In doing this printing challenge the benefits of Quinly have come into full display. We were able to make this massive cubby system in our office with hardly any human hours invested. It really unlocks the true potential of desktop 3D printers, as they can truly function as small production plants using technology inspired by industrial manufacturing. We hope you were able to participate in our print challenge this week! Tune into our livestream at 11:00AM PST today where we will announce the winners and show off your submissions!