Manage Your Workflow, Eliminate Work

Running 50 printers is a nightmare.
Running 1 automated farm is a dream.

AutoFarm3D™ relieves operators of the hundreds of tasks they do every day, from data collection to job scheduling.

Developed in conjunction with print farms around the world, AutoFarm3D provides the flexibility you need so you can work the way you want. Whether you have 1 printer or 1000, AutoFarm3D has it under control, keeping you informed at every step of the way.

Powerful Automation for Your Workflow

AutoFarm3D takes care of the busywork, so you can focus on what matters most.

Simplified Order Management

AutoFarm3D's at-a-glance order manager makes tracking multiple orders easy! You can check order progress while it takes care of the queueing and data tracking.

Multi-Printer Monitoring

AutoFarm3D's dashboard displays a bird's-eye view of your entire farm, so you can monitor live feeds, check in-progress prints, and view printer details from a single screen!

Advanced Automation & AI

Tools to take your 3D print farm to the next level.

AI Failure Detection

With QuinlyVision AI built right into AutoFarm3D, you can have peace of mind knowing that your print will be paused and you will be notified the minute something goes wrong!

Automatic Part Removal

Say hello to nonstop production with auto-part removal! The VAAPR bed lets prints glide off effortlessly when cool, without sacrificing high adhesion during printing!

Automated Order Import

Connect AutoFarm3D with your online store and have your printers spring into action the moment a customer places an order!

Easy Add New Devices

Scaling up is easy with AutoFarm3D! Automatic device detection means you can ditch the coding and IP issues. Just plug in your new cam or printer and hit add!

Powerful Tools for Productivity

Remote Management
Job History
Gcode Preview
Production Notes
Local Storage
Farm Analytics
E-Commerce Integration
Seamless Timelapse
Failure Detection
Easy Printer Add

Purpose-Built for 3D Print Farms

AutoFarm3D was specifically designed to eliminate the friction in your 3D print farm, so that production is more efficient and farm management is as easy as adding prints to the queue!

One Central Hub

Everything you need in one place.

AutoFarm3D is the central hub that allows you to run your 3D print farm as a single unit, instead of 50 individual printers.

Built for Business

For businesses, not tinkerers. Live setup sessions available with every install.

Live Setup Assistance

No experience required. Live installation sessions available with 3DQue staff to get you set up as quickly as possible!

Optimized for FDM

Works best on automation-ready printers.
Is your farm
automation ready?

Multiple Printers Per Pi or Hub

Easily connect up to 4 printers to a single Pi or Print Farm Hub!
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Powerful Tools for Productivity

Powerful Farm Automation

True End-to-End Farm Software with Auto Part Removal

AutoFarm3D removes parts and starts jobs day and night to deliver true 24/7 printing.

Self-Scheduling Farm - Central Queue & Smart Dispatch

Automatically matches jobs with available printers so printers never stop working.

Real Plug & Play with Auto Connect & Configure

5 minute install:  AutoFarm3D auto-detects your printer model and printer settings.

Smart Farm Tools

Farmwide Advanced Stats & Visual Records

Optimize production with real-time data on printer and farm performance.

Mix & Match Printers, from Belt to Custom Automation

Automate your entire farm the way you want. Customize wipe gcode and cooldown temps.

Remote or Local Secure Access Anytime

User authentication and secure tunneling for unlimited remote farm access.

Farm Optimization

More Sales, More Printing

Less Downtime, Less of Your Time. Automate tedious tasks to let your team focus on clearing backlogs & growing the business.

Centralized File System with Bulk File Management Tools

Streamline file management and order tracking by keeping all gcode in one place.

Farmwide Performance Tracking

The key to a worry-free print farm.
Increase throughput and minimize downtime with printer, farm and defect tracking.