Manage Your Workflow, Eliminate Work

Running 50 printers is a nightmare.
Running 1 automated farm is a dream.

Self-managing 3D print farm system with a centralized queue, smart dispatch, farm-wide stats, and much more.

Purpose-Built for 3D Print Farms

AutoFarm3D was specifically designed to eliminate the friction in your 3D print farm, so that production is more efficient and farm management is as easy as adding prints to the queue!

One Central Hub

Everything you need in one place.

AutoFarm3D is the central hub that allows you to run your 3D print farm as a single unit, instead of 50 individual printers.

AutoFarm3D Gallery

Powerful Tools for Productivity

Powerful Farm Automation

True End-to-End Farm Software with Auto Part Removal

AutoFarm3D removes parts and starts jobs day and night to deliver true 24/7 printing.

Self-Scheduling Farm - Central Queue & Smart Dispatch

Unlimited ability to match jobs with available printers so printers never stop working.

Real Plug & Play with Auto Connect & Configure

5 minute install: download the software and AutoFarm3D configures printers for you.

Smart Farm Tools

Farmwide Advanced Stats & Visual Records

Optimize production with real-time data on printer, farm, and filament performance.

Mix & Match Printers, from Belt to Custom Automation

Automate your entire farm the way you want. Customize wipe gcode and cooldown temps.

Remote or Local Secure Access Anytime

User login and password is just the beginning. Advanced security for cloud or local printing.

Farm Optimization

More Sales, More Printing

Less Downtime, Less of Your Time. Automate menial tasks to let your team focus on clearing backlogs growing the business.

Shared Folders with Bulk File Management Tools

Streamline file management and order tracking by having everything in one place.

Farmwide Performance Tracking

The key to a worry-free print farm.
Increase throughput and minimize downtime with printer, farm and defect tracking.