Automation to Scale 3D Printing

The future of manufacturing is here. Upgrade your 3D printer, automate your print farm, and scale production for a more secure, sustainable future.

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Less labour. More Parts. Lower Cost.

What is Quinly?

Quinly is a virtual operator that runs your desktop 3D printer 24/7 providing the perfect solution to mass produce finished goods, clear print backlogs, secure supply chains, or even provide the emergency parts and jigs and fixtures you need to keep your manufacturing line running. Quinly is completely hands-free making it an ideal solution for 3D print farms, as well as schools and maker labs where printers are used by the public.

Spare Parts
With right-to-repair laws coming into effect, how much will it cost you to store 10 years worth of spare parts for every product? 3D printing eliminates the need for physical inventory. Quinly provides a digital warehouse so you can produce the parts you need, when you need them.
Distributed Manufacturing
Looking to use 3D printing to make parts right on your assembly line or in your warehouse? Quinly automation prints the parts you need, where you need them, when you need them. Hassle-free distributed manufacturing.
Jigs and Fixtures
4X output, 90% less labour. Whether you need plastic or metal jigs and fixtures, Quinly runs your printers 24/7 for pennies a day. Get more done with Quinly.
Clean. Safe. Affordable.
Eliminate exposure to solvents and hot surfaces with Quinly. Our VAAPR™ bed provides high adhesion when hot,  releases parts when cool, and can be cleaned with soap and water. Quinly provides touch-free part removal making it safe for students and engineers alike.
Shorten Supply Chains
In-house, lights-out production is made viable with automated 3D printing. With the numerous global supply disruptions of the past year, many companies have realized the importance of securing their supply chain. You can do so by bringing production in-house with Quinly automation.
Scale 3D Print Farms
Scale your printing effortlessly and affordably with Quinly automation. This smart technology can run hundreds of printers around the clock without the presence of an operator. This allows 3D printing operations to scale at no additional labour cost, with ground-breaking enhancements in throughput.


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