Automated 3D print manager for Ender 3

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Stick. Print. Release. Repeat.

Say goodbye to babysitting your 3D printer and say hello to your new print job manager. Quinly, the automated 3D print management kit has everything you need to run a continuous series of prints without your supervision, 24/7. The print management software runs every part of the print process from starting jobs and running the variable adhesion print bed, to delivering parts with the gravity-assisted delivery system.

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Gravity-Assisted Part Delivery

The Tilt Frame and Part Guidance Panels work together to ensure parts gently glide off the bed, making it ideal for even delicate parts. No need to wait around for jobs to finish. Simply install the kit and let it remove parts for you.

End-to-End Continous Printing

The easy-to-install Quinly, comes with everything you need to print job after job. Whether you're a maker, designer, in R&D, or run a service bureau, the kit enables your printer to seamlessly run parts, taking care of everything from first-layer adhesion to print-bed clearing and starting prints without you ever touching the printer. Quinly never sleeps and never wears out, maximizing your print capacity.

Stick & Release

Dubbed the “Best Print Bed Ever Made”, 3DQue’s VAAPR* bed could also be the last print bed you ever need! By varying adhesion, this bed means you no longer need to reapply adhesives, remove print beds or flex parts off of a removable bed, saving you time and money.
*VAAPR = Variable Adhesion & Automated Part Release

Proven Technology

In development for over 4 years, Quinly the automated 3D Print Management Kit has the same proprietary hardware and software that recently allowed 3DQue to autonomously print 897 parts in just 5 days. Now refined for individual use, Quinly delivers continuous, end-to-end printing to makers and operators alike.

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Meet Quinly

Your New Print Job Manager

Your kit comes complete with 3DQue Print Queue Management software. Simply load files into the queue and let the queue do the rest - from starting print jobs to delivering parts, 3DQue provides the only end-to-end print job manager that lets you go about your day. Out enjoying yourself and suddenly have a new part to print? No problem. Just back in and upload your file - the software takes care of the rest. You can go collect parts when it suits YOUR schedule, not when the printer demands.

Software is still in development and is subject to change by release.

Whats in the Box?

Not Pictured: Quinly software key, 100g of automation ready 1.75mm Black PLA filament.

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Meet the Inventor

Mateo Pekic

From the moment he got his first 3D printer, Mateo spent hours making his ideas come to life and began modifying his printer to be faster and more efficient. Soon, there was so much demand that running the printers meant getting up at the crack of dawn, and scraping and laying out prints late into the night to fulfill orders. In an attempt to get his life back, he started the process of automating his printers. In 2018 the technology was ready to commercialize, and 3DQue was established with serial entrepreneur, Steph Sharp.