Your 3D Print Farm Command Centre

Auto job distribution, central farm dashboard, 30fps streaming, unlimited file storage, auto part ejection, failure detection, secure remote access, and more!

Eliminate tasks and let AutoFarm3D™ do the work for you.

3X More Prints, 10X Less Effort

True end-to-end automation & remote management for your 3D printer or print farm.
Works with any IP camera or USB webcam or picam.

AutoFarm3D Features

Workflow Organization

  • Multi-printer view farm dashboard
  • Central file storage
  • Farm stats & analytics
  • Auto-import Etsy / Shopify orders

Powerful Automation

  • Automatic print queue
  • Auto-eject finished prints (optional)
  • SpaghettiVision™ AI failure detection
  • Beautiful seamless timelapses

Remote Multi-Printer Management

  • Unlimited 30 FPS streaming + multi-cam view
  • Unlimited tunnelling
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Secure & locally hosted (not a cloud service)

Easy Installation

  • 4+ printers per Pi / Hub
  • Works with all FDM Marlin printers
  • Plug & play installation

What Customers Say

5 stars

After getting our devices setup and configured with the assistance of the 3DQue team our turnaround skyrocketed. Looking forward to purchasing more kits in the near future.

Amon Head
5 stars
Best Upgrade Out There

Running a small print farm. Quinly has been able to help me expand my orders and have me do less work. It’s like a dream come true

Jack Greer
5 stars
Innovative & Reliable

Was looking for an inexpensive way to turn an Ender 3 frame into a perpetual printing powerhouse.. Quinly keeps production going 24x7.

John Hale
5 stars
A Must Have for Small Print Shops!

If you have a small or large business that relies on 3d printing to manufacture your parts you need to consider quinly! It turns one printer into a one man Army.
I have a small side business I am trying to grow. When I get home from my day job I am usually met with stress of figuring out what jobs I could send to which printer to maximize efficiency with little downtime between all of my machines.
Now with quinly I can queue up a lot of my prototypes in one go then focus on marketing, design work or just take a break for a while :) It's what I envisioned 3d printing could be when I first got into it.

Ray J
Five stars
Lives up to the Hype

This print bed is by far the best you will find. On my first print, the part slid off the bed once cooled before the gantry even came near the part. The 3D printed models fit right to the printer with ease. I could not be happier with the DIY kit.

Charlie Cook
Five stars
Highly Recommend!

IT JUST WORKS !!  The VAAPR bed is the heart of the Quinly system. Prints stick when it's HOT, then release so easily when cool. The Quinly system works for every type of 3D maker and especially for those in a business setting. Will never go back to another bed surface!

Kevin Schaffer
Five stars

It just works, I tried many print surfaces but this one blew my mind.

Louis Grob
Five stars

Customer support cannot be beat. They truly have a passion for 3D printing automation. Mateo has been nothing short of amazing in helping me get our shop transferred to a Quinly-based operation.

Cheryl Schoolman
Five stars
Highly Recommend

Phenominal community, I'm just getting started in 3D printing and they've helped tremendously with learning how to print and use slicers.

Karl Baumheckel
Five stars

The build has been a bit confusing at times, but so far Steph Sharp and the amazing discord they have I have been able to resolve most of the issues and I really appreciate how quickly their support gets back to me on issues. After I get the first setup running smoothly I definitely plan to keep supporting this community.

Andrew Martin
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