The fastest way to grow your 3D print farm.

Revolutionize your farm with AutoFarm3D™, advanced automation, workflow, and order management solutions for 3D printing businesses.
New Features!
Order Management • Advanced Stats •
Tooltips • 3D Gcode Previews • AI Failure Detection
Order Management, Advanced Stats, Tooltips, 3D Gcode Previews, AI Failure Detection.

3X Your Output With 10X Less Effort

Finally, a solution that delivers. Eliminate tasks and let AutoFarm3D™ do the work for you.

Developed in conjunction with 3D print farms around the world to create a system that works for everyone.




Keep everything in one place

Managing 50 3D printers is a nightmare.
Managing 1 automated farm is a dream.

Build the workflow you want

Turn tedious manual tasks into digital ones...
Then automate them using software.

Automate every step of production

AutoFarm3D keeps your printers running 24/7 so you can focus on growing your business

Monitor your printers 24/7

You have better things to do than watch your printers all day.

Built for Business

For businesses, not tinkerers. Live setup sessions available with every install.

Live Setup Assistance

No experience required. Live installation sessions available with 3DQue staff to get you set up as quickly as possible!

Optimized for FDM

Works best on automation-ready printers.
Is your farm
automation ready?

Multiple Printers Per Pi or Hub

Easily connect up to 4 printers to a single Pi or Print Farm Hub!
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