Frequently Asked Questions

Is Quinly compatible with Octoprint?

No Quinly is not compatible with Octoprint.

Does Quinly work on Ender 3 V2 and Pro?

Currently, Quinly supports Ender 3’s (V2 and Pro included), as well as Ender 3 clones, such as Aquila.

Can I remotely access Quinly from anywhere in the world?

Yes, but it will require some setup. You will need to set up remote access on a desktop computer that is on the same wifi network as Quinly.

Does Quinly work with Klipper firmware?

We have had customers who have had success with using Klipper with Quinly, however, it is not trivial to set up. You may join our Discord server to learn more from our users who have had success.

How does the VAAPR bed get attached?

The VAAPR bed is attached to the heated bed using double-sided adhesive, which makes it quite permanent. You may alternatively adhere the VAAPR bed to a flexible spring steel sheet if you have a magnetic bed system.

Do you have a bed cooling mod?

We do! Check it out here: Quinly for Ender 3 Diy Bed Cooling Fan

How do I get the .stl files for my DIY kit?

You will receive your .stl files in your welcome email when your kit has been shipped.

Can I connect more than one printer to a Pi?

You will need one Pi for each printer.

Does the automated part removal still work with very thin parts?

Yes, automated part removal works for parts as thin as 1mm.

Can I get VAAPR bed by itself?

The VAAPR bed is specially formulated to work with Quinly automation, so it does not come separately.

Does the tilt affect quality?

No the tilt does not affect the print quality.

How can I become part of the Beta Testing Program?

The Beta Testing Program is for current users who want to try out our newest features before we release it to the general public. If you want to become part of the Beta Testing Program, you may reach out to our staff on our Discord community.

Can I use Quinly on my Pi 3?

Yes, Pi 3 is supported.