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Automation Hours: For farms with variable or intermittent printing schedules

As your printers print, they consume automation hours. Hours are consumed by any active printer that is not in a Power Slot.
  • With automation hours, the amount you pay for automation scales fairly with the amount you print.
  • Hours are available as pre-paid bundles starting at $0.25 per print hour, with rates as low as $0.06 per print hour.
  • Purchased hours do not expire, and carry over month-to-month.
  • Unused free hours expire at the end of each month.

Power Slots: For farms that usually have printers running 24/7.

Power Slots allow you to run your printers for free with no hourly charges.
  • Power Slots are always filled first, before any automation hours are used.
  • Once all Power Slots are full, remaining printers will consume hours as they print.
  • Power Slots are available for $30/month per slot

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