Continuous Printing - Just in Time for the Holidays

December 16, 2020

3DQue began shipping their presale Quinly kits this week - a full month earlier than expected.

Continuous Printing - Just in Time for the Holidays

3DQue ships presale Quinly for Ender 3 (Print Looping Kit) earlier than expected thanks to in-house innovation

VANCOUVER, Canada, Dec. 10, 2020 (3DQue Systems) As belt printers race to ship their continuous printing solutions in 2021, 3DQue has their solution out to customers in-time for Christmas. 3DQue began shipping their presale Quinly kits this week - a full month earlier than expected. Even with thousands of parts to print for industrial clients (3DQue has a print farm), 3DQue had time to innovate a completely new product thanks to automation of its own print farm.

According to co-founder and Chief of Innovation Mateo Pekic, 3DQue was able to innovate the Quinly automation kit and have it out to reviewers for beta testing in less than 6 weeks. This is significantly faster than the typical 1 - 2 year product cycle experienced by most companies. This dramatic reduction in lead time was made possible thanks to 3DQue’s in-house industrial level automation system - the very technology that inspired the creation of Quinly in the first place.

“By automating our 3D printers, we eliminate time consuming manual tasks, and are free to focus on what matters most. Most recently, that meant developing Quinly, accelerating our rate of innovation and moving production forward.”

More time is exactly what Quinly offers to makers, print farms, and 3D print operators. “Our tech is the only one that has an automated queue that delivers parts. You no longer have to babysit the equipment through every step of the printing process. Quinly frees you to go about your day so you can pick up parts when it suits your schedule, not when the printer demands.” explains Pekic.

Quinly desktop printer installation

Quinly Promotes Sustainability

3DQue has always been devoted to sustainable automation, whether by using plant-based plastics to print their products or the constant pursuit of waste reduction. They continue this theme with the Quinly product.

“With the holidays coming up, we don’t want to create any unnecessary consumerism. Instead of buying more printers, simply get more from your current printers - at a very affordable price”, states Stephanie Sharp, co-founder and CEO of 3DQue.  

Available now, the Quinly automated print queueing and release system provides users with continuous printing. “We wanted to create solutions that made it accessible and affordable for makers to have continuous printing. Utilizing printers that you already own, Quinly allows you to print 3D designs with the same high quality you know and expect,” concludes Stephanie Sharp.