Case Study: Jeremy Owens

How Jeremy Used Quinly to Print More in 1 Week than in the Past 2 Years.


Jeremy Owens is the District Manager for Matco Tools, sellers of hand and automotive tools. These tools are sold to customers through display trucks and Jeremy manages 25 of these trucks in North Dakota and Minnesota. 

Two years ago, unhappy with the displays in his trucks, Jeremy began experimenting with 3D printed display pieces including socket rail holders and electric tool brackets. He discovered that if the tools were presented in a more organized fashion, his distributer sales grew by a factor of four. 

On average, each of Jeremy’s 25 trucks required 25 socket rail holders and 8 to 12 electrical tool holders. Jeremy is on the road four days a week, making it difficult for him to produce more than 16 items a week with a standard 3D printer. As more of his distributors requested holders, he asked himself, “How can I print more parts when I’m away?” He did some research and found the answer: Quinly.


District Manager for Matco Tools

“Before Quinly, I would only print what I urgently needed, and if I had a request, it could take me a couple of weeks or even a month to get out the quantity that was requested. Now, I can set up a new spool of filament and set the printer to print off 10 batches of 12-hour prints and walk away. When I get home, I will have enough items to fulfill all requests. This will allow me to work on designing and printing other useful items as well as working on a side project.”

-Jeremy Owens



Growth in Sales


Increase in productivity


Reduction in lead time


Over the last two years, Jeremy printed 200 items with two printers. After upgrading his first printer with Quinly, he was able to print over 200 holders- in just one week! Jeremy is now able to meet the demand for his 3D printed tool holders with ease. He has increased his productivity by 400% and sales have quadrupled in the last month.
While Jeremy is on the road, he can start, stop, and abort prints. With Quinly taking care of part release, it’s like he is right there. Quinly provides Jeremy with one of the most valuable resources - time. By continuously printing even while Jeremy is working miles away, Quinly is like a second pair of hands.