Smart Multi-Failure Detection for 3D Printing

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14 Failure Types

Critical Intelligence at a Glance

No more guessing. QuinlyVision™ shows where the defect is, what it is called, when it happened, and what action was taken. Whether one print has 5 defects or 5 prints have one defect, QuinlyVision gives you the data you need to correct the problem.

5-Second Detection

QuinlyVision recognizes 14x different 3D print defects with 5-second detection to automatically pause your print at the first sign of trouble. Stop print fails early and make every print a success.

Round-the-Clock Surveillance

Sleep soundly knowing your printer is under the watchful eye of QuinlyVision 24/7, day and night. Poor light conditions, blurry images, or printing with black filament with a black background? Hard to see, but QuinlyVision can handle it.

Automatic Response

QuinlyVision allows you to customize auto-responses for each of the 14 failure types. QuinlyVision can pause the printer, send you a notification (and continue printing), or ignore the problem altogether.

It's all up to you!

Trust QuinlyVision to watch your 3D prints.

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