What is Quinly?

Quinly is an elegantly simple combination of software and hardware that automates your printer. Quinly deals with the tedious, intermittent tasks so you’ll no longer need to remove parts, clean your bed, or apply adhesives.

Quinly software is the “virtual operator” that runs on a Raspberry Pi, and connects to your 3D printer. When you open up Quinly on your browser, you can set up a queue of prints, and Quinly will print all of your parts reliably, one-by-one, until the queue is empty. Quinly software is designed from scratch to be scalable, efficient, and reliable.

Prints release completely from our unique VAAPR print surface after the bed cools down, and Quinly software controls the printer to clear the bed with its own motion system, preparing it for the next print. This process is reliable and works with a wide range of materials to print parts of all shapes and sizes - even very thin parts (~1mm) and parts with large footprint area that cover the entire bed surface.

We developed Quinly to solve a major problem with 3D printing. It is not scalable. There are too many points in the printing process where humans have to physically be present to keep a printer going.

Uploading files. Applying adhesive. Levelling the bed. Watching first layers. Checking whether prints are done. Removing parts. Cleaning adhesives off the bed.

These all take time out of an operator’s day. And if an operator isn’t free, the printer sits idle. On average, printers only run 35% of the time, even in a production environment. Not all prints can be batched to finish when people are available to remove prints. Operators can’t always be present at the exact time to restart prints. Manual 3D printing is not scalable, and the only way to solve this problem is with automation.

Print Farms: Quinly provides the perfect solution to mass produce finished parts, clear print farm backlogs, scale up production, and reduce your workload, so you can spend more time doing what you’re best at.

Education: Quinly is completely hands-free making it an ideal solution for schools and maker labs where printers are used by the public. No more adhesives means no scraping, less damage to parts and printers, and no need to use toxic solvents to clean the bed.

Industry: Whether you print in plastic or metal, Quinly lets you create a digital supply chain, locating production and part distribution wherever it is needed - on the assembly line, in the warehouse, or right at a customer’s site. Quinly can even provide emergency parts, jigs, and fixtures you need to keep your manufacturing line running.

You choose the file you want, choose the quantity and hit print.
Installation is just as easy...

1. Install the VAAPR™ print bed. This bed uses no adhesives, and provides 500x more adhesion force when the bed is heated, allowing for great adhesion while heated, and gentle release when cooled. VAAPR is compatible with a wide variety of materials, from ABS, PLA, HIPS, Nylon, ASA, PC, and more, providing the perfect balance of flexibility and functionality.

2. Install the automated part removal system. For open frame i3 style printers like the Prusa MK3, simply install the tilt frame and you instantly have a gravity-assisted automated part release system. For enclosed printers like the Ultimaker S5, simply snap in the base which includes everything you need to deliver parts outside of the enclosure - from a robotic sweeping arm to door openers.

3. Install Quinly software. Quinly basic software is included with every installation and runs everything from the unlimited print queuing to starting jobs, removing parts, and delivering real-time data to the operator. Quinly supports most popular modifications including cameras and bed levelling, and integrates with built-in tools such as Prusa’s calibration tools.