AutoFarm3D™ for Bambu Lab X1C, P1P, P1S, A1 Mini

Unleash Your Bambu Labs' Full Potential

The all-in-one print farm management solution designed to streamline your 3D printing operations.


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Your Workflow, Automated

Boost Productivity

Tools to help you run non-stop.
  • Automatic job send.
  • Instant blocked job alerts.

Hit Your Deadlines

Fulfill orders on time, every time.
  • Integrated order management.
  • Smart job auto-routing.

Manage Efficiently

Simplify your workflow.
  • Real-time progress updates.
  • Centralized bulk queue.

Your Ultimate Print Farm Manager

From small Etsy shops to large-scale print farms, AutoFarm3D's comprehensive 3D printer & farm management solution adapts to your needs!

Integrated Printer Management

Everything in one place.
Easily manage all your printers from a single dashboard. From file storage, to your queue, everything is shared across your farm.

Smart Job Scheduling

Goodbye, spreadsheets.
The never-ending task of job scheduling just got easier. Automatic job allocation & sending allows AutoFarm3D to take care of it for you.

Dynamic Queue

Hit your deadlines easily.
Keep printers printing 24/7 with smart queueing that minimizes downtime and lets you rearrange prints on the fly.

Advanced Tracking

Tracking shouldn't be a full-time job.
No more complicated spreadsheets and timetables. Distribute jobs across your printers with just a few clicks.


More than just Bambu Lab.
Manage Bambu Lab printers alongside other brands like Prusa and Creality, all from one platform.

Secure Management, Everywhere

Private Remote Access | LAN Mode Control

AutoFarm3D runs locally but you can't always be on site. Easily access your farm using our cloud-free tunnel. Information goes directly to your browser. No information is passed through external servers, including ours.

Coming Soon...

Live Camera Feed

X1E Compatibility

A1 Compatibility

Unleash Your Bambu Labs' Full Potential

AutoFarm3D for Bambu Lab