Case Study: SCC

SCC dramatically reduces production
time with Quinly automation


Cost savings per part


Increase in throughput


Reduction in operator time


Somerset College (SCC) Additive Manufacturing Center, one of the leading 3D printing programs in Kentucky recently put Quinly automation to the test. 

SCC’s study sought to determine the labour time associated with automated 3D printing vs. the time it would take to operate manually. Both the automated and non-automated printers were running 24/7 for 340 hours.

With Quinly automation, SCC discovered they were able to reduce their operator time by 99%  as well as reduce their costs by the same amount.

When it comes to mass production, Quinly is the most efficient way to go.

"The results of the test demonstrated that with the 3D Que automation process, only 10 minutes of total operator time would be spent with the printer during the entire 74 unit production. Whereas with the traditional and manual method of printing, an operator would be spending slightly over 17 hours to produce the same amount. Resulting in a minimum cost savings of $202 per 24-7 production test cycle via automation, and a potential payback period of slightly over 1.4 months."



In an average year SCC Additive Manufacturing Centre produces between 300 and 800 iris boxes as promotional and marketing samples for visiting students, educators, and professionals. Until recently these complex designs could only be produced by additive manufacturing. 
SCC informed us that their average printing capacity was typically 5 iris boxes per day. In order to achieve this throughput an operator would have to return to the lab 3 times per week outside of normal work hours, and 10 times during the weekend.

Under this schedule it took roughly 17 days for SCC to complete production of a 74 unit test cycle, including 44 after-hours lab visits by manual operators, and 17 total hours of manual operator labour.

After automating their printers with Quinly, this operator time reduced to just 10 minutes for the entire production run, an amazing 99% reduction in operator time.

For this product alone SCC discovered that the 3DQue automation process would save their company roughly 18 weeks of production time annually over the manual operator method. This results in cost savings of $430 per month, per printer. With these returns Quinly automation would pay for their initial $600 investment to automate in just 1.4 months.