End-To-End Automation

Stop changing parts to adapt to manufacturing. QSuite lets you mass produce the parts you design.

Easily integrates with existing transfer, assembly, or delivery systems.

Autonomous Part Removal & Delivery™

Printed parts are automatically delivered directly onto the integrated conveyor system and delivered to built-in collection bins ready for shipping, finishing, or use in other processes.

24/7 Sequential Fabrication™ of Parts

Volume production with continuous part delivery. No need to wait for the batch to be done. Get parts delivered when you need them one at a time, or in groups.

No Scraping. No Taping. No Breaking.

Fully autonomous, no or low impact part removal and delivery system eliminates work, consumables, broken parts, and damage to the print bed.

Lights-out Automation

No need to have an operator available. QSuite uploads designs, calibrates the printer, clears the print bed and starts the next job for you.

High Density Design

No external robots or machinery. Automation hardware fits inside the printer envelope, minimizing space and reducing overhead.

Sequential –Not Batch– Production

Fully automated production delivers one job after another, 24/7 without manual intervention to maximize throughput.

More Reliable, Less Waste

Non-invasive, no consumables, no robotics, and industrial grade components mean less maintenance and smaller environmental footprint.

Unfettered Parts

Parts are delivered completely free of the print bed meaning no need for print bed removal in post-processing.

3D Dynamic Scheduler™

Shop Floor Scheduling Simplified

Minimizes downtime while simultaneously coordinating multiple users, multiple parts and multiple jobs.

Responsive scheduling reallocates jobs as priorities, parts, users, printer configuration, and materials change. Recalculates job allocation and alerts operators to potential issues.

Smart scheduling algorithms increase priority of unfinished jobs over time so parts are delivered on schedule.

Real-Time Reporting

Visibility & Flexibility

Instantly see the status of job queue, printers, and active print jobs. QSuite flags issues, indicates available printers, shows printer configuration such as filament type and nozzle size, and continuously updates status.

Remote Print Job Management

Reliable Access To Any Printer

Provides fast, secure access to any printer within the QPoD environment, allowing operators to reprioritize jobs and control individual jobs or printers, increasing flexibility and responsiveness. Operators and users can monitor, troubleshoot and control printers from almost any location.

Maximize uptime. Resolve problems faster. Lower overhead.