The Last Bed You'll Ever Need

What is PolyLock?

PolyLock is the last print bed you’ll ever need! Formulated to increase material adhesion for applications where automation isn't required. This bed has unbeatable first layer adhesion, as well as easy fingertip release when cooled. Compatible with all materials, when it comes to 3D printing the PolyLock is a must!  Available in a variety of sizes to best suit the printer of your choice.

See it in Action

Key Features

Unbeatable First Layer Adhesion

Say goodbye to first layer troubles. With PolyLock’s reliable first layer adhesion technology, lost prints and lost time will be a thing of the past. This bed uses the same dual state technology as VAAPR beds, to give you unparalleled printing productivity.

Easy Fingertip Release

Not only does this bed have high adhesion when hot, but also has easy finger tip removal when cooled. This state of the art technology makes even the most difficult materials peel off with ease. No more gluing, taping, spraying, or scraping. Make printing easy with PolyLock

Compatible with Auto leveling

PolyLock is compatible with all probing systems. BLTouch and capacitive probes works right off the bed. For inductive probes, PolyLock can be adhered directly to an aluminum or spring-steel surface-- the inductive flux passes right through to the sensor.

Lifetime Guarantee

This bed will be the last you will ever need! With a Lifetime guarantee, the PolyLock will save you time and money for years and years to come.

What Materials is PolyLock Compatible with?

This bed is truly one of a kind. It is compatible with all materials. PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU, Nylon(enclosure recommended), HIPS, PVA, Polycarbonate, Polystyrene.  These are just a few of the many materials compatible with this bed. Temporary adhesives are not needed, as all materials will print equally.